In Windows 10, how can you password-protect an external hard drive?

Hard drives are usually the most important devices in a computer as a storage device inside the computer. The storage device plays an important role in controlling the information that is stored on the computer and all the work that is done. All computer users know a little about hard drives. Since the hard drive controls most of the activities of the computer, you need to be very careful about the hard drive on the computer. If you are a businessman or if you store all your personal data on your computer hard drive then you must keep it safe and secure from your hard drive. Big business uses passwords to secure personal and all other data on their computer hard drives.

Do you know how to password protect your external hard drive? If you are a Windows 10 user, you will understand how important today’s discussion is going to be for you if you stay with the discussion. In today’s discussion I will present how to protect the password of an external hard drive using Windows 10/11. You can password-protect an unauthorized external hard disk to prevent people from accessing your personal data.

BeetleCar can be used to encrypt a password on an external hard drive. To secure a hard drive password on a Windows Ten PC, you need to follow some special procedures. The individual must first select an encryption method, then create a strong password by setting a backup recovery key. All you need to do is connect external storage to the PC and keep in mind that Beetlecar is not accessible in Windows 10 Home version, so you need to update to Professional, Education or Enterprise version to go through it. If you have a Windows operating system, you can encrypt external hard drives with Windows BitLocker by using the methods I described.

To begin, connect your external hard drive to your computer. Navigate to this PC, right-click the external drive you just connected, and pink Beetle Car from the context menu bar once more. You will then need to find the “Use a password to unlock drive” option and click there to encrypt the password on the external hard disk. Then retype your password and click on the “Next” button. Then you need to create a backup and it should be a backup of the specified recovery key. This key can be stored in your Microsoft account, a flash drive, or a local folder on your computer. Choose how many extra encryptions you want on your disk and which encryption method to employ. Finally, select the “Start Encrypting” option to encrypt your device.

You may have noticed through the discussion how easy it is to use Windows Beatlecar to password-protect an external hard drive.  But you can enter a security password on the hard drive using more alternative methods. These will be discussed later. Stay with us to get more important information about hard drives and raid like raid data recovery, various services etc.